National Agricultural Insurance Scheme


The Scheme is implemented in the state covering all the nine districts since 2009. The Crops notified in respect of Manipur State under the Scheme are:

i.    HYV Paddy  and
ii.    Rapeseed and Mustard
The Scheme is implemented by the Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd(AIC India Ltd), Regional Office Guwahati.

Status of the scheme in respect of Manipur State as on 05.01.2015.

1. Number of Farmer Insured - 26,000 Nos.

2. Area insured - 37,220 Ha.

3. Total Sum Insured – Rs 94.02 Crores.

4. Premium - Rs. 2.33 Crores.

5. Subsidy - Rs. 0.16 Crores

6. Claim amount – Rs 7.71 Crores

7. Farmers benefited - 19,000 Nos.

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Director Agriculture

N. Gojendro

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