Introduction of Green Revolution & its impact in the State:

The Green Revolution in the state can be said to have truly started in Manipur in the seventies. Introduction HYV seeds, fertilizers, pesticides mechanization and providing irrigation facilities forms the backbone of the green revolution. Farmers of the state can be said to have observed the process of modernization admirably.
The paddy variety TN-I was introduced in 1967-68 Thereafter H.Y.V. paddy viz Pankaj, IR-8, IR-24, Vijaya, Jaya Ratna, Prasad, P-33, CH-1039, were introduced. During 1979-91, Punsi, Phouoibi, Leimaphou and Akutphou, Eriema, Sanaphou, Pariphou and Ginphou were released. Area under HYV seeds have increased from 23,000 hectares in 1972 to 1,06,180 hectare in 2013-14 an above five times increases. Area under first crop has also increased seventeen times from 1600 hectares in 1972 to 27,800 hectares in 2013-14. The quantum of improved seeds made available to farmers multiplied four times from the level of 142 qtls in 1972-73 to 570.031. qtls in 2013-14. The state has to day seed testing laboratory and a seed Certification Cell.


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N. Gojendro

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