Bifurcation of the Department of Agriculture:

In November 1977 Agriculture Department was bifurcated as Agriculture Department and Horticulture & Soil Conservation Department by creating a good numbers of administrative and technical posts for efficient functioning of the two independent departments under joint cadre of Agriculture.
In September 1997 the joint cadre of Agriculture was trifurcated as indicated below.
1. Agriculture Cadre                                   (sanctioned post – 1205 Nos)
2. Horticulture & Soil Conservation           (sanctioned post – 959 Nos)
3. Command Area Development Authority         (sanctioned post – 113 Nos)
(CADA)                                                Total                             2277 Nos
As per policy of the State Government, the sanctioned posts of the Agriculture Department have been downsized to 1205 who are manning the whole Department as highlighted below.

Sl No Category of post                    Sanctioned post (nos)       Existing Staff
1.       Class –I                                               86                                            51
2.       Class-II                                                 2                                              2
3.       Class-III                                              935                                          842
4.       Class-IV                                              182                                          165
Total                    1060


Director Agriculture

N. Gojendro

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